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About Crohn's Charity Service Foundation
 The Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation is committed to responding to the COVID-19 crisis in 
Collier County. Thousands of people found themselves unemployed, suddenly, after COVID-19
mitigation measures forced many businesses to close., putting a massive strain on food banks in our area.

In response, Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation is expanding our foundation’s foundation’s Food Bank
to feed the community of Collier County.
Although the exact number of people seeking help from food banks in the pandemic is not yet known
— unemployment and loss of health insurance has skyrocketed to almost 17% of the workforce of FL.

Before COVID-19, many food pantries were set up like miniature grocery stores. Clients were able to shop 
the shelves, choosing items to fill their need based on their family size. Given social distancing
guidelines, there are new methods of dispersing aid.

Food assistance programs received a number of federal waivers easing the regulatory burdens, from the
U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service, for the duration of the pandemic. Income
eligibility paperwork is no longer necessary, USDA commodity foods are allowed in distributions to
commodity foods are allowed in distributions to families impacted by COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Under these circumstances, Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation is now able to distribute healthy 
farm fresh produce to hungry families. Volunteers and donations are already secured for this effort.

If you really want to help us, donating money is the best thing you can do right now.

Please donate directly to the CCSF FOOD BANK by going to the
Our website or the Donation button on any of our pages. 
You can also send your Checks to: CCSF P.O.Box 11476 Naples Florida 34101

                                                We are deeply grateful for your support. 

       Crohn's Charity Service Foundation / Non-Profit 501c3 Organization

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